Energy Centering and Grounding (Learning session)

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6:30pm - 8pm EDT Monday, October 22 2018
Submitted by:
multihealing on Sep 02, 2010

Cost: $60
Duration: one and a half hour  


These two techniques are essential for any newbie or advanced practitioner of Energy healing. Lack of practicing these two techniques prior to any energy healing work would jeopardies your natural connection with life force energy as an effective source of healing.  

In this session you learn how to center and then ground yourself
by the use of light

After the session you become aware and conscious of all misconceptions that are taking place nowadays in energy centering/grounding. What you own is the first essential jewel in energy healing, the key to "light", the door to infinite possibilities and unbounded love.  

What is Universe? Multiverse? What does it include and exclude? What is infinite? What is the Absolute World and the Relative World? Where is the center of the Universe? How many centers do we have? What to be careful of while centering and why? Is it safe? Why it is crucial and for whom? How do we connect to its energy center? by what means? Can you practice the technique at home? Is it a way of energy protection? energy shield? and much more. 


 What is Grounding? Why it is crucial and for whom? what to be careful of while grounding and why? Is it safe? How do we connect to its energy center? by what means? How long does it take to connect? Can you practice the technique at home? Is it a way of energy protection? energy shield? and much more.

The plan is ordered as follows:

- Theory of Energy Centering for 10'
- Theory of Energy Grounding for 10'
- List of healing Natural Energies in the universe for 5'
- Breathing techniques and Meditation for 10'
- Centering technique for 25'
- Grounding technique for 25'
- Self realization and open questions for 5'

Besides being essential for any natural healing activity, Energy Centering/Grounding are tested techniques that release stress, promote relaxation, deep rest and self healing. 

After the session Your mind becomes sharp, clear, focused and Creative. Your energy system is balanced (by dissolving/releasing excess energy=local stress) and you develop higher consciousness; of yourself, of your surroundings, of Universe and Earth i.e strong sense of your "Being"

Everyone is welcomed and there are no prerequisites for this learning session. 
Every attendee gets a Free Reiki Water i.e
a closed water bottle which is charged by Reiki
(to read more about Reiki Water pls click here)
What attendees say about this session:

"Reiki Centering" is a unique technique developed by Merlin that you see it nowhere. We center ourselves with the Reiki finest Energy manifestation which is "Light". We also access the "Center of the Universe" .. Energize it... brings attention and intention to it... then focus on it with affirmation. The session is fully emotional and stress-releasable. It surprises everyone to get to know the location, which everything in the Universe revolves at and for its purpose forever. "

"The guided meditation was very vivid and made the visualization process easy." 

Check our running learning sessions:

a. Energy Centering and Energy Grounding (no pre-requisite)
b. Cleansing 7 layers of your Aura and energizing it through human physiology. {pre-requisite (a).}
c. Cleansing and Energiaing your Aura through 7energy centers (7 chakras)
{pre-requisite (b).}

Upon completion of the above learning package you will receive a Certificate of Completion if you are interested to earn credit for these sessions.


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