DNA Healing experience

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6pm - 7pm EST Tuesday, November 20 2018
Submitted by:
multihealing on Sep 02, 2010

cost: $60
duration: 1 hour
Pre-requisite: none


 Everyone nowadays talk about DNA and its importance on the scientific and spiritual level. Scientists are wandering about its mystery, its higher technology function, and the role of dormant DNA that count to 97% of total DNA in our body. In addition, there is evidence for a whole new type of medicine in which DNA can be influenced and reprogrammed by words and frequencies without cutting out and replacing single genes.

Why DNA is significant?
DNA contains coding that determines your body type, behavior patterns, potential diseases, information about your spiritual family, where you came from and why you are here on Earth. So it determines your physical form, emotional behavior patterns, hereditary maladies, mental tendencies, spiritual gifts
DNA is who you are!.
It is DNA that determines the form and function of a cell by regulating cycles of growth, repair, replication and dissolution. It is DNA units, called genes, that pass on hereditary information and ancestral coding.

 What is DNA healing experience?
It is an inward sacred journey, a vivid journey to the deepest reality of existence and consciousness. You are able to go within and speak to your DNA as if you were speaking to a wise and loving friend. So you establish a conscious communication with your DNA. In "DNA experience" you access your core and you receive messages of who you are and what is your mission in this lifetime. You don't only witness your blueprints, but you have access to change them instantly. This all depends on how you are open to change and what is it to change. After all, you can leave it to your higher consciousness to work for its best.

What do you get after DNA Healing experience:
(1) A technique to heal your DNA regularly
(2) DNA Monitoring chart

Benefits of DNA Healing session:
- You get more intuition and inspiration
- Receiving a great amount of light, and your body can hold it
- Stronger immunity means more health
- Comes up the psychic abilities.
- Having more energy
- More abundance
- Increasing more utilization of your brain
- Having more clarity and you can make better choice
- Releasing of unconscious patterns stored within
- Accelerate learning process
- Get strength to solve problems, in return it gets easier
- Creating a greater opening for future connection with your Higher Self
- Empowerment for all aspect of life

The session is ordered as follows:
- DNA introduction for 10'
- Scientific facts and details for 5'
- DNA secrets for 5'
- Breathing techniques and Meditation for 5'
- DNA journey for 30'
- Self realization/ open question/ share experience for 5'


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