Heal your Bones, spinal cord and entire Skeleton

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3pm - 4pm EDT Wednesday, May 9 2018
4990 rue de salaberry
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multihealing on Jan 09, 2011

Heal your Bones, Energize your spinal cord and thus Heal your entire Skeleton to become stronger/ younger/ healthier...

Defining human Skeleton:
The skeleton system is what holds everything together.
It is not only a framework for the body, but also produces red and white blood cells, stores minerals and protects vital organs like brain/heart/lungs....
It is made up of 206 bones for adults and about 350 for babies. Bones are 35% of our weight. About 100 bones are just in our hands and feet. All our bones are newly remodeled and replaced every 90days.
Human bone is as strong as granite in supporting weight. A block of bone the size of a matchbox can support 9 tonnes - that is four times as much as concrete can support. When we die it is only our bones that remain and inside our bones remain nucleated cells, osteocytes, which are inside the collagen fibers and contain DNA (Which tells WHO YOU ARE)

What is Inside a Bone?
Bones are made of red marrow jelly, blood vessels, softer spongy bone, outer compact bone, and some bones contain bone marrow at the center. Blood vessels weave in and out of the bone keeping the cells alive. This what makes our bones incredibly STRONG and the secret of our bone strength lies inside the matrix of hollow cells that maintains its rigidity from phosphorous and calcium.

What is the importance of the "Spinal Cord" ?
It is the base of our skeleton and anchors all other bones. It consists of 33 bones ringed together from your neck to cocyx. It consists of bundle of nerves.

Any damage/fracture/traumatic blow to your spinal column means an injury to the nerves of your spinal cord that are not regenerated.

How a bone is healed?
[The techniques used to heal your bones that make your skeleton varies according to one's present skeleton status. The techniques are kept sacred and secret till the time of the session]

- done on 1-1 basis
- each week requires a minimun of 2sessions
- at least 2days between a session & another 
- commitment over 12 weeks
- eat light food before attending a session
- prepare yourself emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually for this experience

Cost: $90/session (1hour)

For a holistic Skeleton healing to take place, a minimum of 2 healing sessions are required for every week over 12 weeks. So the healing package consists of 24 sessions. During sessions you will get a fine technique to keep practicing on your own and a monitoring skeleton chart to mark your progress. 


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