Aura Energizing <7 Chakras> (Learning session)

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6:30pm - 8pm EDT Tuesday, July 10 2018
Submitted by:
multihealing on Sep 02, 2010

Cost: $60
Duration: one and a half hour



Iit is time now to go deeper into the energy centers that maintain your human body.

In this learning session you give attention to your energy centers i.e the 7 chakras that constitute the spiritual energies manifested in your human body. We start from the root chakra to the navel, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and then to the crown chakra. The colors associated with each chakra respectively are those of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

This technique is essential for any newbie or advanced practitioner of Energy healing.
It is a higher way to feed your inner vibrations with natural healing energy and attune yourself for ever to "light".
When you recognize light then light recognizes you.

It is an effective technique to resolve all blockages of recognizing who you are and who you are not. 

 The plan is ordered as follows:

- Intro about 7 chakras for 5'
- Theory of Aura Energizing (7 chakras) for 10'
- List of healing Natural Energies in the universe for 5'
- Breathing techniques and Meditation for 10'
- Practice energy Centering/ Grounding for 10'
- Practice aura Cleansing & Energizing 1. for 10'
- Energizing 7 chakras technique for 30'
- Self realization and open questions for 5'
- Other possible techniques for 5'

By the end of this learning session you complete the three jewels of energy healing for "the self".
You become now capable of practicing energy healing on yourself with being sure that you are protected, shielded by light and then letting light, only light, to cleanse and energize your energy being/centers. 

Every attendee gets a Free Reiki Water i.e
a closed water bottle which is charged by Reiki
(to read more about Reiki Water pls click here)

What attendees say about this session:

" This session was great ... slowly I am starting to understand what aura is all about, and during the session, I got very relaxed ... highly recommend it ..."

"Merlin has adopted a good format for these meetups - some theory followed by hands on experience of some of the theory discussed. The meetups build on each other and lead the curious seeker gently along the path. "

"It was a very interesting experience. I really like it. Thank you very much"

" Merlin's approach of giving a thorough explanation of the theory followed by a guided exercise is very effective in conveying the principles and practice of Reiki. "

"The guided meditation was very vivid and made the visualization process easy."


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