Healing Meditation (Learning session)

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5pm - 6:30pm EDT Sunday, July 15 2018
Submitted by:
multihealing on Sep 02, 2010

Cost: $60/hour (learning the technique)  

You will learn how to Meditate by the use of Light in its finest manifestation. This technique is known as "White light healing meditation (WL-HM)" that help you to reduce stress, feel calm, and experience well-being. Its effects lasts even after finishing your meditation session to hours/days and even more.

By practicing Healing Meditation (WL) you become protected and this protection follows you through out the whole day. It only takes you 15 minutes a day to achieve this goal. By practicing more and more you connect yourself to the white light, to the finest manifestation of "Light" and thus you bridge yourself for the flow of this unique life force energy.


Meditation can be termed as any one of the following:
-A state of relaxed concentration over your mind, keeping the reality of the present moment intact
-A state of freedom, of mind, when your mind is free of any kind of thoughts
-A state of spiritual concentration, which brings one closer to God/ Divine intelligence/ source of Being.
-A state of concentration which helps one focus the mind on a single object or thought
-A state of detachment from the outside world, pressure and tensions
-A state of attaining not only a healthy mental condition but physical growth as well, and finally
-A process, which makes one look towards the positive side of the world, keeping all the negativity behind.

Whatever concept of meditation you do have, Healing Meditation stays a goal and a mean by itself.

You can practice HM in parallel with your present technique or just by itself.  
Healing Meditation (White light) could be the little extra brightness
that you are looking for in life that will leave you with a feeling
of a positive glow all around. 

Learning session: How to sit still, hands position, breathe, and manipulate light. Then practice them altogether. Do we visualize, concentrate, intent, repeat a mantra or none? Adjust/check the technique afterwards.

Practicing session: You will practice HM in group for 30' then relax and adjust/check your technique.There will be also time for open quests and sharing experience.


Each attendee gets a personal attention towards integrating
healing meditation technique into daily life..
You also get a Free Reiki Water i.e
a closed water bottle which is charged by Reiki
(to read more about Reiki Water pls click here)



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