Theta Healing session

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5:30pm - 7pm EST Friday, December 27 2019
Submitted by:
multihealing on Aug 30, 2010

cost: $150
duration: one and a half hour
Pre-requisite: none



 What Is ThetaHealing?
It is a healing modality accessing the theta meditative mind state with the Creator of "All That Is" to facilitate healing of limiting conscious and subconscious beliefs; Healing on all levels; Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual. Accurately accessing beliefs with client muscle testing & negative beliefs removed with unconditional love.
Thus it is a technique which is based around the recognition that our beliefs shape reality and by changing the beliefs - reality shifts.
note: Nothing is changed without your permission

How ThetaHealing works?
Our thoughts (both conscious and unconscious) create our lives. Science reports that the conscious mind is unaware of more than 90% of what is in the subconscious. Thus the Core beliefs hidden in the subconscious shape our physical, mental, and emotional reality without our permission. These beliefs can add positive energy to our lives or can present roadblocks to our health and happiness. Theta healing uncovers the beliefs that stop you having or being what you want in your life. This faulty beliefs can be replaced with new beliefs or feelings so that you can live and have the life your conscious mind wants. These belief changes happen instantly.

Why do I need "Theta healing session"?
It is a fact that our own diseases are chosen simply because we live with so many false ideas about reality. Thus, "the real medicine our bodies need is medicine for awareness". No matter what energy system you follow or have exposed to, Theta healing is a must to ensure and live the desired state of consciousness instantly. This what makes "Theta healing session" a must.

Who heals?
It is the Creator of "All That Is" and not the practitioner



What happens in a ThetaHealing Session?
Decide on the area of your life you wish to address, what changes you would like to make, how you would like your life to be and what you believe to be in the way.

This can be absolutely anything from a specific health issue to finances, relationships, self esteem, emotional issues or spiritual matters.

An hour of consultation, digging, removing old programming, downloading new programming, energy work, clearing, cord cutting, chakra balancing, aura strengthening and healing as intuitively guided.

What preparations do I have to make?
- write on a piece of paper all issues that you would like to release, transform and heal. This is confidential.
If you have nothing specific to work on, then an energy scan is done to determine what changes to make for your highest best.

- drink enough water before the session
- be ready for the change

What do I expect?
- experience fabulous positive changes in yourself right away.
- huge vibrational shifts
- relax in a Theta Brainwave State while changing your life.
- let go of negative beliefs and energy
- remove negative or limiting Subconscious programming.
- embrace the love of creator in the Theta state.
- download new improved Subconscious Beliefs direct from the Creator of All That Is!
- (maybe) a miracle as instant healing (check Vianna's healing from cancer)
- uncover belief systems which are blocking you.
- experience positive emotional states, as well as a release of old blocked emotions.
- pain relief.
- an improved sense of well being
- increased vitality
- strengthened immune system
- open your intuitive centers

The session is ordered as follows:
- Introduction for 10'
- List of beliefs for 5'
- Energy scan for 2'
- Healing/testing for 21'
- Break for 2'
- Healing/testing for 21'
- Digging for key belief for 5'
- Healing/testing for 12'
- Break for 2'
- Summing up + open Quests for 10'


To reserve your place just give a note, at least a day before the session:
(Be sure to get back a confirmation email)

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